Personal training, dance fitness, strength training, bellydance and yoga all within a supportive community online and in person. 

Whatever your goal, I want all women to feel strong in mind, body and soul – sparkle inside out. 

Every woman should have the opportunity to get fit, strong and feel good.

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Come squat and sparkle with us in the most fabulous fitness community around!

Not only will you get to sparkle instead of sweat, we will also gift you with a mind and body fitness calendar completely free of charge! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join our community.

Hear from the #squatsandsparklecommunity

"I always start the day with a smile after our workout. I feel so much stronger, more confident and I have more energy for the rest of the day."
Christine Talbot
TV Presenter
"As a working mum I'm always neglecting my self-care but since training with Sophie on my lunchbreaks I feel so much better and I eat better too."
Amanda Harpa
Specialist tutor
"I feel so much fitter and sexier since starting personal training with Sophie, The Sparkle Coach. I can train online or in person depending on my schedule with my baby."
Charlotte Armitage
"I've lost body fat and built muscle and it's only been six weeks. I can't wait to see my results on holiday."
Online Client
Content Creator

A Little Bit About Me

Mum in fitness gear in London

You feel lost, too busy and don’t have the confidence or motivation to get fit, rather than feel strong you feel depleted. You think you’ve tried everything, some things have worked others haven’t. 

But what you actually need is a one stop shop for all your fitness needs including effective workouts, nutrition tips, accountability and a supportive community. 

That’s why Sophie Mei aka The Sparkle Coach founded Squats and Sparkles – the community for all women to achieve their goals in a supportive group and environment while also accessing personalised training programmes.

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