You feel lost, too busy and don’t have the confidence or motivation to get fit, rather than feel strong you feel depleted. You think you’ve tried everything, some things have worked others haven’t. 

But what you actually need is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs including effective workouts, nutrition tips, accountability and a supportive community. 

That’s why Sophie Mei aka The Sparkle Coach founded Squats and Sparkles – the community for all women to achieve their goals in a supportive group and environment while also accessing personalised training programmes.

Sophie created the community during the lockdown as a lonely single mother whose only respite was fitness. 

While she had the motivation from her 20 years as a professional dancer to keep training, she understood the struggles other women had to build themselves the time. 

This was the birth of Squats and Sparkles – making fitness fun, accessible and to give people the sparkle they need to get moving to feel good inside out. 

No one size fits all which is why bespoke plans, a range of options and a place to share ideas, tips and to keep one another accountable are so important. 

Sophie aka The Sparkle Coach said: “There are so many myths in the fitness industry and fads but we help women to discover the key to holistic health and wellbeing so they build a sustsinable plan which evolves to suit their mind, body, life and responsibilities. 


– Empowering women to feel connected in mind, body and soul 

 – Improving mind & body fitness through dance, movement and personal training  

 – Virtual Coaching, Online Courses, Workshops and Squats and Sparkles Community

PLUS DANCE FLOW classes, community fitness, bellydance and inclusive workouts to boost confidence, connect and overcome any barriers to feeling holistically healthy. 

Join us for fitness & nutrition tips, workouts, plans and a supportive community… plus new online and in person classes (by me @The SparkleCoach and trusted professionals): 

We want to help you to feel strong in your mind and body with our transformation programmes and exclusive workout classes in person and online. 

Ensuring women’s wellbeing is treated equally.

Imagine a world where woman were treated equally in health, wealth and life. We aim to create accessible well-being services for women from all walks of life.

💎 Coaching women to feel confident in mind, body and sensuality 

💎 Improving body confidence, strength in mind and helping women love their whole selves

💎 Fitness tips, Mindset & Motivation videos, Nutrition and and feel-good fitness for females

We don’t sweat, we sparkle. 

Join our free goal-setting, holistic health and general chat group is SQUATS AND SPARKLES – Women‘s Health Club.

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